You will notice that I choose to use open source copyright-free photographs on this blog, primarily from Wikimedia Commons.  I always try to attribute the author of the photograph.

I do not publish photographs of myself or my own children.  Unfortunately, when writing about breastfeeding and related topics, some people finding this site may not have honest motives and I have chosen to keep these images private.

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2 thoughts on “Photographs

  • 02/01/2015 at 5:28 am

    Hello Lisa
    I just went through your blog which you wrote 2 years back about your child pushing other child.The reason I ‘read this
    After couple of years later is today I was very sad as my usually
    Well behaved 5 year old pushed a child while playing .I had to
    Apologise with his parent and also made my son to ask for forgiveness , which my son did feeling very bad for what had
    Happened .But the other parent did not accept mine or my
    Sons apology and told in front of other parents that my son was
    Misbehaving and what he has done was not right. I am a parent
    Who believes that if my child should take responsibility for his actions then he must certainly do that.I felt very bad when my son told me he was sorry and did that as other kid was repeatedly troubling him and he did it impulsively.We so called
    Grown-up forget that we are dealing with young kids and the other parent did not respond to my sons repeated plea for forgiveness and I was just watching him do that . Yes I understand she might be angry with what happened
    but at the least accept apology make things better for all of us.
    I had to bring him home but still feel she should have accepted
    a 5 year olds apology .

    • 08/01/2015 at 6:34 pm

      Dear Vasu,
      This sounds like a painful situation, and I am sorry that you experienced it. In my experience, giving forgiveness is just as valuable as showing remorse. I am sad to hear that your son did not receive forgiveness when he said sorry. It sounds as though you recognise how important your son’s apology was though, and you will be showing him that you value it, even if the other family didn’t.

      I wish you well,


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