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Two things happened today that have focused my thoughts on how much we learn from trial and error.  First, my daughter and her rocket.  It took her ages to build.  She glued two cardboard toilet paper rolls together, formed a cone for the top out of paper and added some windows and foil embellishments.  After […]
The drawers in my mother’s kitchen held many utensils, one of which was a large metal mallet with a squared end. Spiky and sharp on one end, blunt spikes on the other, this was my mother’s meat tenderiser.  Tough, sinewy meat becomes tender under the hand of the chef who wields this tool.  An undesirable, […]
Today I sat down at my computer ready to write.  I stared at the blank screen, typed a few sentences and hit a brick wall.  As I stared at my fingernails, waiting for inspiration,  my eldest child (9 and home ill from school) said, “Can I go on Pottermore?”  If you’re not familiar with Pottermore, […]
Like most mothers, the majority of my energy is used for my children.  Physically caring for them, wiping bottoms and noses, feeding babies, looking after the home, preparing meals, cleaning up after them– this is the hard manual graft of family life.  But it’s not only my physical energy that is completely devoted to them; […]
At the moment, “no” is my toddler’s favourite word, even to the point where you ask him, “Is your favourite word ‘no’?”  To which his emphatic 2-year-old reply is… you guessed it!  I have been noticing recently that I say ‘no’ all the time.  Sometimes it seems that NO is the only word that ever comes […]
My children get into my things all the time.  Nothing is off limits: bedroom drawers, my filing cupboard, paperwork for my Yoga classes, notebooks with writing ideas, my piano music books, the stack of books sitting on my bedside table, letters that come through the letter box.  There’s never a pen around when I need […]
Have you ever seen a stone sheep enclosure on a hillside?  When I first moved to this country I lived in Scotland and, driving along country roads, suddenly on a hillside would be a circular stone wall built in a seemingly random location. I always wondered why anyone would want to build a circle in […]
One thing that mothering certainly has done for me is to make me more flexible.  Normally my youngest likes to have a nap around lunch time.  He’ll ask to put on a nappy and ask to feed; we sit and have some quiet time together and eventually he’ll drop off to sleep.  Then I can […]