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This week I went back to the writers group I mentioned previously. As you know, just getting out the door requires military precision. Monday is like most nights for my busy family, with the unfortunate exception that it happens to be a Monday. While the piano teacher is here for the girls, I draft tomorrow […]
This week a friend invited me to a group for writers. I’d previously considered attending a writers’ group, but never got up the gumption to go. It takes so much effort to go out in the evenings– apart from the one evening a week when I teach Yoga classes, which is now part of the […]
Like most writers, I write an awful lot more than I publish. I have several journals on the go: one for evening gratitudes, one for daily writing and two related to home educating my children. Although this blog has been rather quiet of late, words are still circling in the aether around me and many […]
Linking up with Amanda at Habit of Being – November prompt-a-day 29 November’s prompt My eldest child is a maker. An idea possesses her, and with a single-mindedness I can only admire, she decides what she is going to create, and she makes it. This week when I unfairly stopped her from taking the coffee table up […]
‘On my table’ Linking up with Amanda at Habit of Being – November prompt-a-day I tried to have a seasonal nature table. Honestly, I did. You know, those little sacred spaces in people’s homes, usually covered with items like acorns, pumpkins and gourds, maybe an autumn leaf or two. There’s almost always a little Waldorf-inspired felt […]
This morning after writing some emails, I walked into the kitchen and found it covered with flour, baking powder, milk (why were three different half-finished cartons open on the countertop?) and broken egg shells lay on the floor and work surfaces.  My children love making pancakes… all by themselves.  At ages 9, 6 and 2, pancake-making […]
One thing that mothering certainly has done for me is to make me more flexible.  Normally my youngest likes to have a nap around lunch time.  He’ll ask to put on a nappy and ask to feed; we sit and have some quiet time together and eventually he’ll drop off to sleep.  Then I can […]
This week I have been reminded of the value of making mistakes.  A friend was telling me about his teenage daughter’s intense desire to create ‘perfect’ art.  She is a talented young lady, though he says that part of her secret in making such lovely drawings was that she traced around other works and then […]