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This week my daughter has found it difficult going to school.  Squabbles with her friends, which adults see as petty but mean the world to her, have reduced her to tummy aches and tears every day.  My experience tells me that these problems will pass; but she doesn’t know this.  Her pain is real and […]
There are times when I want to walk out the door, slam it shut and start over.  When the girls are fighting and won’t listen to reason or ask for help; dinner is burning and the baby is wrapped around my legs shrieking to be picked up; I have work to do and the phone […]
My children get into my things all the time.  Nothing is off limits: bedroom drawers, my filing cupboard, paperwork for my Yoga classes, notebooks with writing ideas, my piano music books, the stack of books sitting on my bedside table, letters that come through the letter box.  There’s never a pen around when I need […]
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog for the All Things Mothering page about tandem nursing, which is when a mother breastfeeds two siblings of different ages concurrently.  It was a pretty basic post talking of the strains and the joys of this unique relationship.  What worried me was the comment string and […]