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We were sitting at the table crunching our cereal yesterday morning—the twelve year old, bleary in her mismatched pyjamas; the nine year old staring off into space; and the five year old—dressed in a red and blue polka-dot monster onesie, five clear plastic pots at his elbow. In the pots? Moths of course. This littlest […]
There are times when a child’s behaviour can seem so perplexing or irritating or infuriating, that even the most committed gentle parent might stop to wonder how on earth to respond.  Maybe your baby is insistent about playing with the cord of the floor lamp.  Maybe he throws his plate across the room like a […]
Overnight, five inches of snow fell.  We awoke this morning to find the world clothed in white silence.  Soon, we heard that the local schools were closed.  We knew we were having a ‘snow day.’ We have had a wonderful day.  A morning of playing in the snow, then coming inside to get back into […]
“Why are you making such a big deal out of it?!” my daughter challenged, angry with me for being upset.  I was walking ahead of her, head down, working through my feelings on my own, but ready to burst.  She wanted me to be over it. She wanted me to say “it’s ok.”  She wanted […]
I am so happy to have a piece in the first issue of Stealing Time Magazine, a new literary magazine for parents.  If you’d like to read my piece, it is available by clicking here. The theme of this first issue was Genesis, and the magazine is available every quarter. I’d encourage you to check […]
There are times when I want to walk out the door, slam it shut and start over.  When the girls are fighting and won’t listen to reason or ask for help; dinner is burning and the baby is wrapped around my legs shrieking to be picked up; I have work to do and the phone […]
“For attention, please ring bell.”  This is the sign pasted to the bell at my doctor’s office, at the local shop and even over the entrance to Owl’s house in AA Milne’s Classic, Winnie the Pooh (although the spelling was slightly more creative, given that it was written by Christopher Robin).  Sometimes I feel as though […]