Yoga Workshops for joggers and runners

NB there are currently no Yoga Workshops for joggers and runners scheduled. If you would like to plan a workshop for your group, please contact me.

Runners can benefit from Yoga in so many ways.  A Yoga practice builds strength and flexibility, bringing length back to muscles shortened by speed or endurance training.  Yoga postures limber joints, helping to alleviate soreness and prevent injury.  Yoga develops the breath, increasing overall lung capacity.  Students of Yoga become more aware of their own bodies and thought-patterns, letting go of long-held tensions or self-beliefs that can hold us back from achieving our best.

It’s not always easy to fit Yoga practice into an already-busy life.  With this in mind, I am offering a three hour one-off workshop, Yoga for joggers and runners, on Saturday 29 September, 10am – 1.00pm at the Lee Hall in Dinas Powys.  The cost for this session is £15.

This session is for you whether you race competitively or simply enjoy jogging/running as recreation.  The aim of the session is to introduce runners to Yogic techniques that will benefit their performance and contribute to their enjoyment of running.  We will practise Yoga postures (asana), meditation, breath awareness and relaxation.  All practices will be tailored to the needs of joggers and runners. No experience of Yoga is necessary as I try to make my teaching accessible to all levels.

If there is something you are particularly curious about, or you have a particular issue you’d like addressed on the day, I will do my best.  Please just contact me in advance to let me know.

To book onto the Workshop, you need to complete two forms. The first is a Health Questionnaire, and the second is a workshop booking form.  Please contact me using the mobile number or email address on the booking form and I will give you my postal address (I would prefer not to put it on the internet!), then send me both forms along with a cheque for £15 made payable to Lisa Hassan Scott.  This will secure your place.

Any questions, get in touch!  Looking forward to seeing you there!