Hello! It’s good to see you.

Welcome. I look forward to getting to know more about you while we practise Yoga together. In the meantime here are some things about me.

I have been teaching mixed ability Yoga classes for 16 years, including groups of mothers (with and without their children), teens and athletes.  I have a passion for making Yoga a part of daily life and I try to bring this into my teaching, giving students tools they can take away with them and into their own lives.

My current interests are trauma-informed Yoga, neuroscience, neuro-divergence (including Autistic Spectrum Condition and ADHD), Polyvagal theory, and the way in which Yoga soothes and regulates the nervous system. Before having children I worked as a legal representative for refugees, so have a long-standing interest in working with people who have experienced trauma. In every session I weave my knowledge and experience of Yoga with these special interests, intertwining ancient teachings with modern science, to bring you an experience that moves and works the body, breath and mind; assists in healthy nervous regulation; and aids recovery from adverse experiences.

I live in the local area and have three teenager-ish children whom I home educated during their primary school years. I was a breastfeeding counsellor for over a decade, supporting mothers in their early parenting, as well as delivering training to breastfeeding counsellors-in-training. I am also a writer. My articles have appeared in The Journal of Refugee Studies, OM Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine, The Green Parent Magazine, and in many publications of La Leche League International. For many years I wrote a regular blog, which you can find here on my website.

Outside of Yoga, I enjoy fibre crafts like spinning yarn and knitting. I am often to be seen at Yoga classes wearing hand-knitted socks– the wilder the better! I embrace colour and love finding inspiration in the patterns, textures and colours of nature, and the play of light and shadow.

I gain no monetary benefit from my blog. I do not endorse any adverts that may appear.

For reprint permission and/or to commission me, please use the email me at: lisa@lisahassanscott.co.uk

If you’d like to attend a Yoga class or arrange one to one/small group tuition, please email me at: lisa@lisahassanscott.co.uk