Yesterday I crouched down to my littlest child’s level and instead of looking at him, I looked up.  I could see the kitchen cupboards (and all the food spots on them from various spillages– try to ignore those), I could see the tap and the steam rising from the boiling kettle.  I couldn’t actually see […]
This week I have been reminded of the value of making mistakes.  A friend was telling me about his teenage daughter’s intense desire to create ‘perfect’ art.  She is a talented young lady, though he says that part of her secret in making such lovely drawings was that she traced around other works and then […]
Readers of yesterday’s post (below) will know that I was exploring the idea of being results-oriented or process-oriented in my parenting.  The idea being that focussing solely on results (obedience, being heeded, etc.) eclipses the opportunity for greater learning, self-awareness and connection with my children.  I hypothesised that, as in Yoga, transformation might occur during […]
This morning I’m thinking about attachment to results.  First, a bit of background. 
Since my last post I have been thinking a bit more about the effects of fear.  As a new mother I had so many fears and I think they drowned out my natural instincts.  For example, my instinct was to pick my baby up every time she cried.  But when people told me that it […]
Today I met with a friend for the first time since she gave birth.  Before she had her little boy she told me all about the nursery she and her husband were decorating for her baby.  I laughingly said, “What are you planning to do with THAT then?”  She explained that there would be no […]
What makes a good listener?  Each day my eldest comes home from school and complains about one little girl who seems to know just how to annoy her.  My daughter tried to talk to a friend about it, but her friend said, “Oh, just go away!”  Sometimes we all need a good listener to help […]
Last night, before my eyelids clapped shut for the next few hours (til my son woke me for the start of the day at 4.30am– oi!), I read the following: There is nothing like parenting to show you your shortcomings and less-than-perfect places…. With so many mirrors held up to your humanness, there is the […]