“Kee!” I heard it, thought: “buzzard,” and accordingly lifted my head to see it. There […]
The first hour after waking is beautiful. The nights and mornings are drawing in, so as […]
I have nothing to show for my day. If a manager came knocking on my door […]
Shortly after I had my first baby a friend from work visited me. She spent plenty […]
These warm autumn days have been perfect for our morning walk. We leave the house, the […]
My four year old son has an uncanny knack for finding insects. Everywhere he goes, he […]
Sometimes it takes little reminders to see things through my children’s eyes. I’ll be going along […]
“You need to get more time for yourself! You need some ‘me’ time!” I didn’t miss […]
“Find the Language” Linking up with Amanda at Habit of Being – November prompt-a-day There are […]
We always went to her house.  I’d invite my friend down for a coffee, but she’d […]