This week I have been painting fences. We share a boundary with no fewer than six […]
On Friday morning last week, one of my children came downstairs with blue teeth. I didn’t […]
Over the weekend, a friend asked me what my children’s ethnic heritage is. (Answer: complicated.) When […]
“Wait. Am I even facing the right way now?” One of my Yoga students this week […]
My sister-in-law hates Chiff Chaffs.  These little migratory birds arrive in the UK in April or […]
She was supposed to be sitting still and paying attention.  But she wasn’t.  My six year […]
I am so happy to have a piece in the first issue of Stealing Time Magazine, […]
Several days ago one of my children hurt another child’s feelings.  At school she did something […]
I knew something was up when I could hear water rushing upstairs.  I wondered whether Aidan […]
There are certain things about motherhood that I really struggle to accept.  The relentless nature of housework, the […]