This week I have been painting fences. We share a boundary with no fewer than six […]
On Friday morning last week, one of my children came downstairs with blue teeth. I didn’t […]
Over the weekend, a friend asked me what my children’s ethnic heritage is. (Answer: complicated.) When […]
“Wait. Am I even facing the right way now?” One of my Yoga students this week […]
My daughter and I have started playing a new game in the swimming pool. The opponents […]
I’m really pleased to have been invited to contribute to a wonderful new book for mothers […]
Back when I was new to parenting, each night I lay in bed beside my husband, […]
I’m the only parent struggling right now.  Everyone else seems to be fine.  Parenting is such […]
Trying to get out the door with several children in tow should have been one of […]
Two things happened today that have focused my thoughts on how much we learn from trial […]