Every time I unfurl my Yoga mat or try to sit in quiet meditation it’s the […]
Shortly after I had my first baby a friend from work visited me. She spent plenty […]
Having a snail crawl across my arm does not feature strongly on my bucket list. But […]
“Find the Language” Linking up with Amanda at Habit of Being – November prompt-a-day There are […]
She was supposed to be sitting still and paying attention.  But she wasn’t.  My six year […]
The drawers in my mother’s kitchen held many utensils, one of which was a large metal […]
“Listen to your instincts.”  It’s a phrase I often use when discussing breastfeeding and other parenting […]
At the moment, “no” is my toddler’s favourite word, even to the point where you ask […]
It’s so easy to go with the flow, to do what everyone else is doing, to […]
I am a lover of books.  Several walls of my house are lined with full book […]