I promise, I’m really not a bad cook. In fact, I love cooking. For the past […]
Trying to get out the door with several children in tow should have been one of […]
Two things happened today that have focused my thoughts on how much we learn from trial […]
I spent yesterday afternoon planting bulbs.  While taking a short break from the planting, my three year […]
Is there such thing as a perfect parent?  In my mind, I can see the sort […]
“Listen to your instincts.”  It’s a phrase I often use when discussing breastfeeding and other parenting […]
How can I get my children to do what I ask them to do?  This question […]
I am a lover of books.  Several walls of my house are lined with full book […]
This morning I’m thinking about attachment to results.  First, a bit of background. 
Since my last post I have been thinking a bit more about the effects of fear. […]