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At the moment, “no” is my toddler’s favourite word, even to the point where you ask him, “Is your favourite word ‘no’?”  To which his emphatic 2-year-old reply is… you guessed it!  I have been noticing recently that I say ‘no’ all the time.  Sometimes it seems that NO is the only word that ever comes […]
  The phrase “the terrible twos” holds no purchase for me.  For sure some of the things my two year olds have done are really rather challenging, but for the most part I have loved it when my children were two, and our current two year old is such good company.  Part of the art […]
This morning after writing some emails, I walked into the kitchen and found it covered with flour, baking powder, milk (why were three different half-finished cartons open on the countertop?) and broken egg shells lay on the floor and work surfaces.  My children love making pancakes… all by themselves.  At ages 9, 6 and 2, pancake-making […]
What the last few posts come down to is an idea that is so self-evident you might just say, “duh!” when you read it: the way you think affects the way you behave. It seems so simple.  But it’s deceptive: how aware are you of what you think? Here’s an example: my six year old […]
There’s not much point in telling new parents to “Just relax.”  Most new parents I’ve met worry about an awful lot and spend a fair amount of time planning, thinking through their actions or trying to decide what to do next.  Their minds are busy, full of questions or ideas.  They want to do it […]
This is not going to be a rant about health professionals.  Nor is it a rant about grannies, mothers-in-law or anyone else for that matter.  It is a rant about how fear can work its way into the mind of a mother, especially a new mother, and derail her own instincts or lead her to hide […]
One thing that mothering certainly has done for me is to make me more flexible.  Normally my youngest likes to have a nap around lunch time.  He’ll ask to put on a nappy and ask to feed; we sit and have some quiet time together and eventually he’ll drop off to sleep.  Then I can […]