Sometimes I wonder whether the difficult choices I make as a parent will actually pay off. […]
Parenting has a way of bringing up experiences long-forgotten in the past.  Yesterday I took my […]
Several days ago one of my children hurt another child’s feelings.  At school she did something […]
Today I sat down at my computer ready to write.  I stared at the blank screen, […]
I knew something was up when I could hear water rushing upstairs.  I wondered whether Aidan […]
How can I get my children to do what I ask them to do?  This question […]
At the moment, “no” is my toddler’s favourite word, even to the point where you ask […]
  The phrase “the terrible twos” holds no purchase for me.  For sure some of the […]
This morning after writing some emails, I walked into the kitchen and found it covered with […]
It’s so easy to go with the flow, to do what everyone else is doing, to […]