“I haven’t had a shower in, like, a week!”  This, from my nine year old.  I […]
Isn’t it amazing how incredibly foul it is possible to be to those we love the […]
This week my daughter has found it difficult going to school.  Squabbles with her friends, which […]
“For attention, please ring bell.”  This is the sign pasted to the bell at my doctor’s […]
As a child my parents took us on lots of long car journeys.  We lived several […]
Yesterday I crouched down to my littlest child’s level and instead of looking at him, I […]
Readers of yesterday’s post (below) will know that I was exploring the idea of being results-oriented […]
This morning I’m thinking about attachment to results.  First, a bit of background. 
What makes a good listener?  Each day my eldest comes home from school and complains about […]