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There are times when I want to walk out the door, slam it shut and start over.  When the girls are fighting and won’t listen to reason or ask for help; dinner is burning and the baby is wrapped around my legs shrieking to be picked up; I have work to do and the phone […]
Like most people, for many years I would greet the new year by making various resolutions: “I’ll exercise at least three times each week/eat a better diet/be a kinder person/etc.”  Each year starts with the best of intentions, the certainty that my goals are realistic and achievable.  January usually goes fairly well: my motivation is […]
“For attention, please ring bell.”  This is the sign pasted to the bell at my doctor’s office, at the local shop and even over the entrance to Owl’s house in AA Milne’s Classic, Winnie the Pooh (although the spelling was slightly more creative, given that it was written by Christopher Robin).  Sometimes I feel as though […]
As a child my parents took us on lots of long car journeys.  We lived several hours away from my grandmother, and whenever we wanted to visit her my parents would pack the car and my brother and me, and off we would go.  I spent a lot of time listening to a Sony Walkman […]
Yesterday I crouched down to my littlest child’s level and instead of looking at him, I looked up.  I could see the kitchen cupboards (and all the food spots on them from various spillages– try to ignore those), I could see the tap and the steam rising from the boiling kettle.  I couldn’t actually see […]
Readers of yesterday’s post (below) will know that I was exploring the idea of being results-oriented or process-oriented in my parenting.  The idea being that focussing solely on results (obedience, being heeded, etc.) eclipses the opportunity for greater learning, self-awareness and connection with my children.  I hypothesised that, as in Yoga, transformation might occur during […]
This morning I’m thinking about attachment to results.  First, a bit of background. 
Today I met with a friend for the first time since she gave birth.  Before she had her little boy she told me all about the nursery she and her husband were decorating for her baby.  I laughingly said, “What are you planning to do with THAT then?”  She explained that there would be no […]
What makes a good listener?  Each day my eldest comes home from school and complains about one little girl who seems to know just how to annoy her.  My daughter tried to talk to a friend about it, but her friend said, “Oh, just go away!”  Sometimes we all need a good listener to help […]